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 revised megaman X the day of sigma

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PostSubject: revised megaman X the day of sigma   Sun Aug 07, 2011 4:20 pm

ok i have been working on my megaman X story seeing how bad i wrote it before i have been. i been posting my story on deviantart and all that and now i am going to re-post my megaman X the day of sigma story. i will also be adding ch 4 with i held from you all reading it anyway here ch1 through ch 4

A story by darkbitcold

This is the start of my life and the start of a big one


Darkbitcold dark for short

Age 20

Height 5 foot 9 inches

Hair black

Eyes blue

Fig is a bit tone

Dark wear any thing black any time he gets

Dark run a weapon shop and was making a good living, and now his life is about to change in a big way

Kitebitcloud Kite for short
Age 15

Height 5 foot 11 inches

Hair blond

Eyes blue

Fig toned a lot

Kite wear most lead red and blue pant and shirt when ever he can

Kite is the brother of dark he is panther with dark in the weapon shop like his bro his life is about to change


Age 19

Height 5 foot 1 inch

Hair pink

Eyes pink

Like to wear black dresses and tank top black shirt and sometimes she like too tease dark some time by wearing a school girl outfit and it work he get a nose bleed that run a mile when he see that but if Kite see that he faints he not ready for that kind of thing yet

Ch 1 the end of the beginning

It was a normal day like any other dark was hard at work with his business as a reploids weapon sell man and was doing good. dark is a rich man thank to his business he had a brother named Kite he is a good working man and partners with his bro dark. dark has a girlfriend name moka she is a pink hair women and is shy but that what dark like about her. later on the week of 5-10-2050 on Friday he has inv his family and moka to his house

he made a big dinner for it was going to be a day he would never forget his whose family and moka sat down to eat. After they were done eating and full dark was going to ask moka to marry him. Dark has it all planed till something else was happening. x and zero has found out that sigma is planning to fire missiles and try to end the humans race. but X try to stop sigma but was not able to stop the missiles attack it kill a lot of peoples and at dark house where the missiles are coming they did not hit the house but the missiles impact was so great that the house has fall in apart with dark and his family and moka.

Dark garb moka and got under the table when the house has fall in apart. His bro Kite got in the basement in time but it was not far before the house has fall in on Kite. Dark has woke up with moka in his arms he was not able to move, his legs had been broken he has to pull him self out of what was left of his house. when he pull him self out and could not see his mother and father in what was left of dark house, they are missing his brother Kite has live through it but Kite was in worse shape his body has been crush. Dark was thinking “(how can he move he all broken up”).
But Kite fell on the ground. Hours had pasted. Dark through that they were dead that no one was going to save them, then dark heard a lot of people moving and yelling. Dark was shouting where they were the rescuers came headed by lifesaver. they rush dark moka and Kite to the hospital dark black out after being rush there.

What going to happen next stay here for part 2 TBC

Ch 2 new bodies and new life

after about 4 hour dark woke up in a hospital bed.

dark back and legs hurt to where dark was not able to move a lot then the nurse come in.
“Hello dark my name is cinnamon I help u in here” cinnamon said. (“Dark through man she look young for a nurse and cute, get a hold of your self dark you are in love with moka) ok thank you cinnamon how is moka and Kite.
“They are in danger of dying” cinnamon said. “What how can that be I protection moka, and Kite walk out of that mess, Kite blacked out but he should not be that hurt” dark said. “I am sorry dark but it is” cinnamon said sadly. “No way is there no way to save them cinnamon” dark begged. “There is but we never doe it before. “Dark What I do anything to save my brother and moka” dark bagged. “Ok the maverick hunters have been funding this, It is where we turn a human into a reploid. you will still have your brain but we will rebuild your body part with robot part. Now I or anyone here has never try this if we fail u will die dark but we will know how to do it the next time to save Kite and moka do u still want to do it dark” cinnamon asked. “I will I want to save my brother and my love moka if I die they will still live, when can we get start is on it” dark asked. “As soon as u r ready dark” cinnamon asked. “I am let do it” dark said. “Ok we r going to put u to sleep until we r done I hope it go well for you dark” cinnamon said. “Me too” dark said as he was put to sleep.

7 hour later “dark” a voice said. “Huh want going on who said my name” Dark open his eye and saw his brother “bro u r ok” dark said
“Yep dark I feel like a new man what they do dark” kite asked. “Well kite you see you were going to die unless I gone under the knife to become a reploid” dark said. “What but” kite was cut off. “Let me finish ok kite now you are a reploid as well, I made a choice to live with my legs and back broke for life and let you and moka die. or I go under the knife and become a reploid with I am now and you are too kite and moka! Hey where moka is she ok huh is she” dark said in a panic. “Yes dark she is she still asleep” kite said. “Can u take me to her Kite?” dark asked. “Sure dark come on she is in room 212” kite said. “Ok thank kite I just need to see her I need to tell her something important” dark said. “Ok dark we r here kite said. “Thank Kite can I talk to her alone kite?” dark asked. “sure dark” kite said. “Thanks (she asleep I wait till she wake up”) dark thought.

1 hour later. “Moka” dark said trying to wake moka. Moka wake up and see’s dark “Dark where are we?” moka asked. “We are in the hospital moka we got hurt badly. But are you ok moka I was worry about u” dark said. “I am ok dark but what happen and why do I feel weird? Moka said while feeling her body. “Well moka you see you and kite were in danger of dying. Me I live but my life was going to be hard with broken legs and u two would have died. so what I did was the maverick hunter are funding the hospital to turn human into reploid you Kite and me have been turn into reploids to save us that why u feel weird moka Dark explained. “How did this happen?” moka asked. “I don’t know moka but there is something I want to tell u moka, that I have to tell u” dark said “What is it dark?” moka asked. Dark get on one leg “Moka I have love you since I first saw you. I have try my best to make u happy and your life easy and to protect you but I want more then that moka I want to stand by you and you stand by me moka. What I am saying is, moka will u marry me” dark asked. “Oh dark I love you too I have love u too so YES YES!” moka said cheerfully. “Ok well then we have to plan the wedding but I have to do something first ok moka. but I promise that it will be a wedding u will never forget moka” dark said. “Ok dark I cant wait” moka said. “Now u gets some rest moka ok” dark said. Alright dark I still feel tried” moka said as she fell back asleep. (“man she say yes now what do I do first”) dark look at the TV on the news “The missiles attack that hit the major cites was a plan attack by the former maverick hunter commander sigma, has launched the missiles and sigma has gone maverick” a news woman said. Dark ball his fist up “So that who did all this to me my life my mother and father are missing and he hurt my brother and my love, I know what I have to do” dark head to the maverick hunters base to sign up. “Hello and welcome to the maverick hunter sign up area what is your name and age sir.
“My name is darkbitcold, and my age is 20” dark said. “You were made 20 year ago” the reploid woman said. “No that my age as a human my age as a reploid is one day ago” dark explained. “Ok MR Dark so you tried are program where human get turn into reploids plan MR Dark” the reploid woman said. “Yes that is right”. “Ok well let get the paperwork start is on” the reploid woman said while handing a stack of papers to fill out. “I hate paperwork” well after an hour of filling out the paperwork dark was part of the maverick hunter under zero command. “Hello dark I am zero your commander” zero said. “Yes sir commander” dark said. “Don’t act like that just act normal around me like anyone else” zero told dark. “Ok zero well what my first mission?” Dark asked. “It is to protect a warehouse from mavericks attack understand dark” zero said. “Yes zero” dark said. “Good then head out to area 13-A then” zero said. Dark took his ride chaser to the area “Well this is going to be to easy all I have to do is protect a warehouse. Man I want a good mission oh well at least I’m getting pay. After an hour of guard work dark is getting bored “ugh bored” just then a buster comes out of no where. “What the hack where that” dark look up and see a maverick “hey maverick get down here and fight me man to man” dark yelled at the maverick. “you maverick hunter are going to die and sigma will use you later in his army Hahaha” the maverick said. “I don’t think so dark buster” dark fire his dark buster into the maverick damaging him. The maverick fire back but dark jump out of the way and fire a second charge dark buster shot at the maverick. “Ugh I can’t take much more I need to repost this back to sigma” the maverick teleport away. “Get back here maverick scum great, well at least the cargo is safe” dark said as he waits. “What happen here dark?” zero asked. “Darn maverick show up want in to steal what ever in here but I stop him. But he seem to be with sigma” dark said. “well at least the cargo safe the reploids are here to pick it up, you are dismiss dark” zero said.

“Well it time to get to work if I want to take on sigma army I need weapons. time to design my Zero nightmare armor and light his ultimate cloud armor” dark said as he leaves for his house.

TBC in ch3

CH 3 dark wedding plans

3 months have passed
“Well I got those armors ready took me for ever to do those finding all the parts. well I better start planning are wedding now let me think I need a cake I need a best man I ask my bro he’ll say yes no matter what. now what else a wedding dress moka, ….black like me so I get her a black wedding dress and me a black tux. now who going to be the flower girl think think, well I know alia for a while I think she’s do, now what else so much to do before the wedding” dark thinking hard. “HEY DARK”. “WHAT THE” Dark falling off his chair “Man Kite don’t do that” dark yelled at kite. “Sorry dark so what r u doing here in the basement anyway dark” kite asked. “Well if you must know I’m Thinking about me and moka wedding, hey Kite I was going to ask can u be my best man for the wedding” dark asked. “Sorry dark I can’t, I got a mission to do” kite said. “But you don’t have anything to do, “…. wait a minute what do u mean mission Kite? Dark asked. “Oh I join the maverick hunters I told u I thought” kite said. “No u did not kite, but ah well so who your commander Kite” dark asked “X is my commander” kite said. “Cool Kite my commander is zero” dark said. How you join Zero leader of the Zero unit, and when you join the maverick hunters” Kite asked. “3 month ago, When u join kite and why?” dark asked. “Well I joined 2 week ago and I join because I saw what sigma did. Because of him hikari dead the place she worked in was in ruins no one lived I will make sigma pay for this” kite said as his eyes got foggy. “I see well I’m sorry to hear that kite look like you want sigma as bad as me then. We will make sigma pay with his life kite” dark said as he balls his hands into fists. “Well I need to get to my mission dark sorry I can’t be your best man but this mission is important so sorry” kite said. “That ok Kite go I find some one else. Any way Kite I got something for u ok come with me” dark said leading kite to the lab. “Ok dark what u got for me?” kite asked. ”You will see check it out Kite it call the ultimate cloud armor it base off of X’s armor but I added some stuff. you can fire a Kite buster u can fly in it and I add some stuff. Just say mode 2 and your armor become the fire and light armor a fire and light buster where u can shoot a shot of fire and or light bullets Kite it destroy any thing it hit. And u get mode 3 u say Metallic light armor and you get your speed boosted and u get stronger by 3 times but you lose your fire Ability ok. But it will hurt you so use it in short burst ok Kite” dark explained to kite “WOW!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe u made this, like wow how you come up with this design dark I mean how” kite said while looking at his new armor. It was no problem Kite it just took a long time finding the part, planning my wedding and ordering the right parts for this. Took me a month to do” Dark said. “Well I got to go see ya dark and thank for the armor this going to make my mission a lot easier. Kite said as he heads for the door. “See ya Kite. Well I have to find some one else now who, I know I just hope he say yes” dark head to the maverick hunters base on his ride chaser. “Hey zero”. “Yes dark what do u need?” Zero asked. “I need u to do something big for me Zero. Dark asked. ”what is it dark and it better not be a joke or something I’m a busy reploid dark” Zero said. “Ok zero can u be….my best man at the wedding” Dark asked. “What why are you asking me why not ask Kite he is your brother and is part of X’s unit after all. Zero said “Well I did and he has a mission to do on X’s orders, so zero plz zero I don’t know anyone else my mother and father r missing and you are the only one I trust so plz zero can you” dark begged. “Ok dark I will. But you are going to so pay me back later for this dark” Zero said. “Thank zero I’ll pay u back some day for this zero thank a lot” dark ran out then. “No problem (how do I get myself into this messes).
Ok Monday is the day. I can’t wait to say I do and me and moka will live together in the same house. One week left wish Kite was here to see it but oh well. It late time for some sleep I been running around town all day getting my part all ready yawn” dark turn his computer off and head for bed.


Moka wedding plans

“Oh dear oh dear what am I going to do the wedding in 1 more week. I done almost all my planning for it but I don’t have a best women. Oh think like I ask alia but she the flower girl so she out. I know, iris she be prefect for it and she zero girlfriend so it make it more romantic. Ok now I need to find a wedding dress” moka goes out to town in her red sport car to find a wedding dress. she find a parking spot and start looking around the shopping mall in town. Moka start looking at the map trying to find the shop called brides dress for reploids and she not looking where she going “Oh man I’m lost” moka said “Lookout” “Ahhhhh oh I am sorry plz forgive me” moka said. “Ha it ok moka if I did not forgive you dark kill me Hahaha” kite said laughing. “Huh Kite ah Yeah you are right well I’m sorry but I have to go I still need to buy me a wedding dress so bye Kite” moka said with a smile. “Wait moka” kite said. “What is it Kite?” moka asked. “ok you did not hear this from me but dark got u a dress so u don’t have to go get one” kite said “Oh well I have to get dark something nice for doing that for me then” Moka said. “Ok moka but don’t tell dark you heard it from me or he will kill me ok moka” light asked moka. “Ok Kite my lips are sealed” moka said. “Well see ya moka like I got a big mission so I won’t be able to make it to the wedding ok I’m sorry” kite said as he walked off. That ok good luck kite. “Thank moka oh and good luck to u” Kite smile wide. “Ok well now that take in care of thank to dark. Now what should I get dark then what should I get. oh I been with him for 2 year and I don’t know what to get him ohhhhh well he like weapon maybe I get a gun for him. But what kind I know I call alia she’s know she work close with dark” moka garb her cell phone and start dialing the number. Ring ring “Hello this is maverick hunter base. “Hi alia it moka. “Oh hi moka how u been, just a week till the wedding” aila said. “I know, hey alia do u know what kind of gun dark want I’m trying but I don’t know” moka asked “Ok moka I think he like to get a sniper rifle a good one too. I get him the m14 it a good sniper rifle and it can be use for close combat too” aila said. “Ok I get him that thanks alia” moka said. “Ah it is nothing ok moka I know u two r going to have the best wedding ever” aila said “I hope so well bye” moka said while she hang up her phone. “Bye moka”. “Well now I better buy that rifle for him.” moka looking at her map again and find a gun shop near where she is now. “here we go a gun shop” moka ring the bell “hello any one here” “Hello miss how may I help u today weapon shop keeper said. “I am looking for a sniper rifle for my boyfriend” moka asked. “Ok well I got the best sniper rifle in shop. What kind would he like I got plasma sniper rifle buster sniper rifle and the new it one is the plasma fire sniper rifle, well with one” the shop keeper asked. “Well they r nice but I’m a looking for an m14 sniper rifle do u have one of them” moka asked. “An m14 wow that an old sniper rifle. that had not been use for 300 years let me look I think I have one” the shop keeper said walking to the back room.”(wow I never knew that sniper rifle go that far back why would alia tell to get an m14 if it over 300 years old”) moka thought. “Ok I’m back and you are in luck I have the last one” the shop keeper said. “How much is it” moka asked. “Being this old I have to say about 2500$ dollars to 6000$ dollars but for you 3000$” the shop keeper said. “Wow that is a lot” moka said with her mouth hanging open. “So u going to buy or not” the shop keeper asked getting annoyed. “I will here 3000$ dollars sir” moka said handing the money to the shop keeper. “Ok I take that would u like it warped it free” the shop keeper asked. “Yes plz it a wedding present for my boyfriend” moka said. “ah ok then well I will warp it up ok. I’ll be right back” the shop keeper said as he walked in the back room with the gun. “Ok well I have dark gift now to ask iris to be my best women” She takes her cell phone out again and calls iris. “Ring ring hello. ”Hi iris how u been moka said. Hi moka it been a while, I been fine you” iris said. “I been fine too, hey iris can u do something for me” moka asked “What is it you know I do anything for a friend” iris said. “Can u be my best women for the wedding? I heard that zero going to be the best man for dark” moka said. “Oh I love too maybe if it goes’s well I can marry him as well he-he” iris giggled. “Ok well iris bye and thank you” moka said. “Bye moka I need to get ready” iris said as she hangs her phone up. “Ok well I better get home” 3 hours later. “Well I got all I need done to day I better get some sleep.” Next 5 day later. Well 2 day till the wedding I can’t wait I hope dark like my gift I got him.



“Well one more day till the wedding I better get this gift to moka I know it for the wedding but she going to be wearing it after all Hahaha. well better get out” dark said as he load the gift into his ride chaser. 20 min later. dark ring moka door bell. Moka get up from bed half naked and head for the front door. “ hello who is it” moka asked. “It’s me dark”. “Oh come in dark” moka said opening the door. “Hello my sweetheart” kissing moka on the lips “I guess I woke you up” Dark looking at moka half naked body. “yeah I has a busy week he-he” moka giggled. “ I see your father not home where is he moka” dark asked. “Oh he left to do business out of town he won’t be back for a week” moka said. “Well that good I don’t want that headache there anyway” dark said. “Dark he my father how can you say that” moka said a little anger at dark. “Remember I had to fight him to go out with me” dark said as he think about what happen 2 years ago when he was 18.
(Flashback “I can’t wait to take moka on are first date”. at moka house ringing the door bell. “Hello how may I help u sir. “Hi MR uh”. “It MR Lloyd to u sir. “Ok MR Lloyd my name is dark and I’m moka date is she ready” dark asked. Hi dark I’m all ready” moka said as she step down stair wearing a black tank top that said little kitty on the front And a black mini skirt. “Wow u look nice tonight moka let go I got tickets to a movie” dark said. Thank you dark bye father we be back by 11:00pm moka said but her father grab her by the hand. “U wont be going anywhere with this boy” Lloyd said. Why father he my date I told u about” moka said trying to get free of her father grip. “U did not tell me that he a hooligan that did what ever he wants” Lloyd said “Hey Lloyd I don’t know anything about u that much but I am not a hooligan I’m respond able and I run a weapon shop to make a living so get out of the way I said I’m taking her out and I am going to” dark yelled at Lloyd. “No you are not now get out of my house now!!!. Lloyd yelled at dark. “Father Plz don’t get mad at him plz moka begged. “you stay out of this I’m trying to protect you from ppl like him now go to your room!!!” Lloyd shouted to his daughter. “Hey Lloyd” dark yelled at him. “Yes!!!!” Lloyd yelled. Dark punched Lloyd in the face. .Now get out of the way moka come on I’m sorry I did that but I wont have some one talk to u like that even your dad” dark said as he walk closer to moka. “How dare u do that to me” Lloyd punched dark in the face and kick him out of the house. “You want some more of that” Lloyd yelled while holding his fist in a defend pose. “Sure I take all you got I’m taking her out” dark rush Lloyd and punched him in the face the leg and chest. Lloyd hit dark in the chest and face. now there faces are bleeding out. “That doe it, it time I do my ultimate move lion barrage” dark said as he rush Lloyd. “What that” Lloyd stood his ground ready for what dark was going to pull. “Watch and see” dark rush in front of Lloyd then disappears. Huh where he go” Lloyd said as he look for dark. “Here!!!!” dark duck under Lloyd view and kick Lloyd high in the air and jump after Lloyd. Then when dark is eye level with Lloyd dark start kicking him in the face chest anywhere to get blow on him. “Time to finish it” dark hit Lloyd hard into the ground.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Lloyd yelled as he passes out. “That what u get when u mess with me” dark said wiping the blood off his hands. “Dark is my father ok will he be fine how could you do that to my father” moka shouted at dark. “Sorry moka but you are 18 now you don’t need to listen to him now I’m sorry. But Yes he will be fine I did not do my full power into those blow. Any one else would have die if I did. Listen let go before your dad wake up and want to call the cops on me” dark said. “Sure but he will be mad at me when I get back home for going with you” moka said a bit scary now. “Well after we see a movie and go eat dinner u can stay with me till he cool off ok moka” dark said. “Thank u dark” Flashback end) “oh yes I remember dark my father was so mad when he woke up after u knock him out” moka laughing. “Don’t I know it but after that he did not mind me taking u out now why I don’t know. “But hey I don’t bother with details, but anyway I came here to give you your gift before the wedding” dark said. “Oh thank u dark what u gets me dark?” moka said. “Open it up to see it my love bird” dark said. “Ok” moka unwrap the gift “like wow thank you dark a black wedding dress thank you thank you thank you” moka said jumping up and down. “Hey it your wedding I want it to be the best” dark said. “Don’t you mean are wedding dark he-he, anyway I got you something too” moka said handing dark his gift. “Oh u did well thank u moka” dark opening his gift. “Wow I though that they stop making them I looked all over the world to find a M14. it the best sniper rifle in the world thank you moka but how u know” dark asked a bit surprised. Oh well I asked alia and she told me what you liked in guns then I found a gun shop and he said this was the last one he has” moka said. “Well I have to thank her for telling u. well I better go you know it bad luck to see the bride before the wedding” dark said as he leaves. “Ok dark I see u on Monday then” moka said as dark leaves. “And I’ll see u too moka” as he said goodbye with a big smile on his face.

The next day
(“Well it wedding day I feel good today because it going to be a great day. I better head to the chapel and get all ready. I don’t like to wear a tux but it for moka so I deal till it over”) dark thought. Dark heading to the chapel in his ride chaser. Meanwhile with moka she sleeping late she check her clock it 10:00am she shriek out loud. Now moka rushing trying to getting ready getting dress garbing her wedding dress all that moka get out and see that zero is waiting outside. “Zero what are you doing here with a limo here” moka asked. “I’m here to pick you up moka. Dark knew u sleep late after it was part 9:30am anyway let get going ok moka“ zero said. “Ok your a life saver zero no wonder dark ask u to be his best man” moka said getting in the limo. “Well he ask me but I said no and then he beg me to he knew no one else his mother and father are missing his brother is out on a mission so I was the only one he has left to ask or beg haha” zero laughed. “Ok well u knows who my best woman is right zero” moka asked zero. “No who is it moka?” zero asked. “it iris, zero” moka said. “WHAT iris is your best women, I think I am going to be sick zero said having his head down a bit. “Not while you are driving zero” moka yelled. “I’m fine that just took me by surprise that all. Doe’s iris know I’m dark best man Zero asked. “Yes she doe” moka answering Zero “Oh great well thank for telling me was this dark idea” zero asked. “No we did not tell each other are plans so it be a big surprise. so don’t tell dark that iris is my best women if dark knew he bust a gut” moka said. “Ok moka I keep it between us ok” zero said “Thank zero” giving Zero a kiss on the cheek.
Now with dark.

“Man oh man” dark said. “What wrong dark you not getting cool feet are you” alia said. no I can do this alia. I waited for this for years and after 2 years we both get to say I do and I am not going to back off this it would break moka heart if I did. I just wish I get the butterfly out of my chest” dark said “Well you better because in 2 hours it will be time” aila said “I get them out by than” dark said.

Now with moka.
“Ok I made it I better get ready for my wedding” moka said getting out of the limo. “You go do that I go check on dark ok moka make sure he wont chicken out of this” zero said. You don’t have to worry about that zero. if he did now well I’m a reploid now and I’ll go and blow him up” moka said giggling. “Wow ok I’ll just tell him moka ok “zero said “Ok zero see ya later” moka said as she has help getting into her wedding dress. Zero head for dark room and go’s in. “hey dark you doing ok” zero asked yeah fine zero how was the drive here” dark asked. “It was good, anyway better not chicken out of this dark” zero telling dark. “I wont I was ready for this the time I ask moka to marry me, so I’m not backing down” dark said “Ha good cause moka say if u left her up there at the alter she said she blow u up” zero laughed. “Oh boy thank for that now it tell me why I want to marry her. She may look shy but under that she a bad girl” dark laughed with zero.

2 hour later

The wedding is starting and the music is starting and here come dark down the aisle in his black tux with his best man zero by his side. Here come the flower girl alia throwing flower out on the wedding aisle after she gone. here come moka in her black wedding dress and dark is getting butterfly again in his chest, with her best woman iris. “Zero why is iris with moka” dark asked. “Well moka ask her since alia was taken as the flower girl thank to you dark” zero said. “Oops Sorry zero if I knew that I might have asked iris to be the flower girl and alia be moka best woman” dark said. “That ok dark anyway here they come” zero said. “Ok thank zero” dark said before turning to face moka.
Moka and dark are standing next to each other at the end of the alter. “dearly beloved we are gather here today to see that the two here are marry under god eye. now moka do u take dark as your lawful wedded husband to have and to hold from this day forward for better or worse for richer or poorer in sickness and in health to love and to cherish till death do u part”. “I do” moka said. And dark do u take moka as your lawful wedded wife-- boom. “What the hack happening zero” dark yelled. “I don’t know” zero shouted. “DARK”. “MOKA where are you” dark looked up. “Hahaha look like I got here in time to stop this Hahaha”. “Maverick let moka go now, moka hang on” dark yelled. “I don’t think so sigma wants her for something I’m just listing to order. but I get some fun out of it Hahaha” the maverick laughed. “That doe it sigma has ruin my life. my mother and father are missing sigma hurt my brother and now you’re trying to kidnapped my wife that doe it!!!!” dark yelled at the top of his lungs. “Oh and what are you going to do you can’t even fly up here to save her so give her up Hahaha and say good bye to your love” the maverick laughed flying away. “That what u think ZERO NIGHTMARE ARMOR” dark armor change form it black from to a Skeleton like armor the whole armor covered in bones the helmet with horn coming out the top of it the should blade so sharp can cut anything it touched the legging cover in bone with bone sticking out to jab through anything a black buster and bone shaped sword call the nightmare sable.
“What the who is that I better get out of here” the maverick said as he flies faster. “Zero keep this place from falling to the ground alright I have my wife to save” dark said. “Got it dark but how your to far and you can’t shoot or you’re hit moka” zero said. “I have it under control. Now maverick scum it time u died” dark said with hate in every word. “I better get away” as he flies thinking he’s safe. “Where do you think you’re going maverick. Dark said his red eyes staring at the maverick. “What how u get from there here” the maverick scared now. “I can only use it in this armor it call intertranmission I’ll take her back now then. “I don’t think s---- huh how you. “Maverick have u had nightmare before” dark said with his buster point at him at point blank ranges. “Uh uh uh”. “I AM YOUR NIGHTMARE MAVERICK NIGHTMARE BUSTER” dark fire his fully charge nightmare buster and the maverick was no longer there. “never mess with my family”. Dark fly down to the ground and de armor him self. “Moka are you ok” dark asked moka “Yes dark I was so scared but you saved me thank you” moka said as she cried. After hours the chapel has been repaired and the wedding was on again

“Now let get this wedding on” dark said.
“Now as I was saying dark do u take moka as your lawful wedded wife to have and to hold from this day forward for better or worse for richer or poorer in sickness and in health to love and to cherish till death do u part. “I do” dark said with happiness all over his face. “If anyone thinks why they should not be wed speak now or forever hold your peace.
“Well now the rings” zero give dark his ring and iris give moka her ring.
“Now exchange ring” .by the power vented by me and god I now pronoun u man and wife u may kiss the bride. Dark and moka lock lips for a min till some one come uninvited. “Hello dark moka zero and u too X. “sigma what r u doing here” zero said drawing his Z-sword. “It doe not matter now I can kill u for what u done to me and my love ones, zero nightmare armor”. Dark fire his buster but sigma stop it. dark try to punch sigma but he block it and knock dark out. “DARK” moka come to dark aid but sigma garb her. “Hello my dear you going to be a lot of fun for me” than sigma teleport with moka and dark. “DARK MOKA” zero yelled. “ZERO calm down let head for hunter base Kite will be able to help us find them” X said. “How Kite not back u sent him on a big mission” “What I never order anything like that” X said “What” zero shocked to hear this. “I through he be here at his brother wedding” X said. “Ok X let get looking ASAP on them we will find them” zero said.

Wow dark and moka kidnapped by sigma. X never sent Kite on a mission and what doe sigma have in store for them stay here for the next chapter held tormented and new armor
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