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 Megaman Zero darkbitcold saga

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PostSubject: Megaman Zero darkbitcold saga   Tue Jul 26, 2011 6:37 pm

ok this a new story i been writing i wrote it and my bro edit it for me so you all can read it anyway enjoy

Megaman Zero Darkbitcold saga
Darkbitcold has lived through many ordeals soon after the event of sigma and Lumine thx to X Zero Axl Darkbitcold Kite Moka and hikari the new generation Reploids that has gone maverick had been put to a stop. Dark soon took over his own unit call the dark hunters a squid of the best know researcher and weapons makers moka heading the unit while dark test out weapon. kite still in charge of his peace keeper core unit still kept fighting mavericks to keep the peace still. Zero thought about why and so to help counter the sigma virus he seal him self to find the cure inside him.

“Zero “what are you doing you cant seal your self we still need you ”.dark said

“ dark “this war won’t ever end as long as I walk sigma got the virus from me maybe there a cure inside me to stop this virus then maybe just maybe peace will last for ever and X, his dream of this world where human and reploids can live in peace” zero explained

“I see Zero well what about X what should I tell him” dark asked.
“Don’t say anything I want this to be kept between you and me Dark I know you for a while and well I know I can trust you Dark” .zero said

“well then Zero I hope we find it soon” he said, Dark seal the pod and set it to the time Zero said to 100 years Dark then walk away goodbye Zero I hope I live long to see you again partner” he said with a sad tone.

So many Years have past for dark and kite 80 to be sure and they never aged dark and kite still fight the mavericks and dark researching Zero and he find the cure he run to tell X about it. soon X make what will be called the mother elf a cyber elf that can help reploid be cured and fight off the sigma virus and they enlist the help of a man name Wiles this will be the biggest mistake the hunter have ever done. Soon the sigma virus is gone and reploid have stop going maverick dark through finally X dream will come true but a few month later wiles steals Zero body. Dark told X what has happen to Zero X was mad as hell with Dark for keeping this from him soon Dark X and kite found Zero body but it was too late Zero mind as been move to a diff body so wiles can control zero body Dark took on what wile now call zero body Omega. Omega was to strong and took dark out like nothing Omega was about to finish dark off when Zero save him just in time but Omega disposed of Zero like dark then kite jump in and he was as well taken out. Dark Zero and kite lay damage bad Omega was called back by wiles for upgrades dark, zero and kite return to hunter base.

“How is Omega doing this I mean it your body” Dark said

“he upgrade my body while I’m stuck in this cheap copy of a body, Dark we need to stop him it time for shadow cloud the next time we meet Omega” zero explained

“Right we have no choice if we don’t a new war may break out” dark said

As dark Kite and Zero though this over they heard screams.

“What going on, what wrong” dark cried out.

“ahhhhhh!!!! Me too what up” kite screamed.

Well outside the base Wiles smiled with evil” that it Omega take over all the reploid make them do my bidding Hahaha!!!”.

“Dark Kite fight it you have to, I gave you my dna so you can fight it off” zero screamed

“Thanks zero I owe you one” kite said.

“Yeah we needed that, we was almost mind control, wait what about the other reploids!” dark cried out.

But before they could find anything out, Guns were being fired through the whole base.

”kite you take the east side, and Zero you take the south side, ill take the west side. and X went ahead on the north side the base last time I saw him move!!!!!” dark explained.

Zero saw dozens reploid buster point is his way but zero disarm them only knowing they are only being mind controlled, Kite was shooting reploid with his K buster disarming them as well, Dark was slicing arm after arm off of reploids, and X was taken heavy fire from the reploids.

Kite has soon taken all the reploid out knocking them out. Well that all on my end

“Hello kite” a voice said pointing a buster at him.

“who’s there!” kite shouted, but when he turned around he saw that it was hikari,” no hikari, fight it please don’t shoot” he cried.

“Lord Wiles will rule all and you must be taken out for him to rule” she said firing at him.

“Hikari I love you please fight it!!” kite screamed.

She grabbed her face with her hand” kite, please I cant stop myself shoot me now!!” she screamed.

“I can’t” he cried.

“Kite I’m begging you I don’t want to be his slave!” she cried.

“Hikari” kite cried he charged up his light buster and pointed it at her, no, no I cant do it I cant shoot you!” he cried.

“Kite please!!” she begged, but was to late,” die!!” she screamed and shot him again.

taking shot after shot his armor badly damaged kite point is his light buster and charged it but kite buster arm is shaking, no I cant I rather die then kill you I wont do it HIKARI!!!!!” he screamed putting his buster down.

“You are to weak” she said pointing it at his head” good bye”.

But X had shot a charged blast thru her chest.

“No!! hikari!!” he screamed running to her holding her in his arms,” please don’t die I cant go on with out you hikari!”.

“Ki-Kite I’m sorry I could not stop my self please kite live for me p-please, stop him, don’t let him kill another innocent” but was cut off.
“Don’t talk like that your going to make it” kite cried.

But she shook her head” no im not, but kite the time I spent with you was the happiest I had ever been, good bye my love” she said with her last breath as her eyes shut and her hand drop

“HIKARI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he screamed in pain.

“X HOW COULD YOU” kite said with tears falling down his cheeks.

“I has no choice I’m sorry kite I saw no other way” X said with a sad voice.

“Your one to talk I loved her!!” he screamed.

“I had to kill aila, she gone by my hand” X said with sorrow in his voice.
“WILES!! I’m going to kill you!!” kite screamed.

“well that it for the reploid look like I have to find wiles lab on my own” dark said, but as he walked off a buster shot almost hit him,” what the where that”.

“Hello my love lord wiles want you dead for not following his will, you will die” moka said with a giggle, dark rose armor moka change to her rose armor.

“Moka no fight wiles you are stronger then him fight him moka fight it I don’t want to fight you” dark cried out.

“Then die my husband” moka said shooting her rose buster and hit dark hard in the chest armor cracking it.

“No if I don’t stop ill be dead” dark cried.

“That is the point as long as you refuses to serve my master I’m going to kill you” she said shooting him five more times in the weak parts of his arms cracking it each more after each shot.

“Moka stop it I don’t want to kill you I love you!!” he screamed.

“To bad” she said shooting again.

But dark blocked it with his sword.

“please forgive me moka” dark cried,” Ahhhhh Zero nightmare armor ahhhhhhh”.
Moka kept on firing her rose buster but was not making a dent in dark armor no, no lord wiles gave me power to beat you dark

“Moka I am sorry please forgive me” dark cried charging his buster and walk toward moka

“Stay back dark you don’t want to hurt me your wife right?” she asked

She gone now I only see a shell of her now wiles killed my wife, goodbye my love dark teleported behide moka and shoot a fully charge nightmare buster through her.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” she screamed

“Moka!!” dark cried.

Moka laying then in a pool of her own blood “da-dark thank you I could never hurt you like I was trying to wiles”.

“Shhhhh sleep moka and this nightmare will end my love” dark cried out with tearing running down his face.

“Good bye my love please live for me “ she said raising her hand in the air, dark took it in both his hands then she go lump

“MOKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, WILES YOU WILL DIES FOR THIS!!!” dark screamed at the top of his lungs.

Soon kite and dark met up at wiles lab.

“Kite” dark said crying.

“Get out of here he is mine hikari is dead because of him!!” kite screamed.

“The same with moka I am going to kill him!!” dark screamed.

“Fine then lets use shadow cloud!!” kite screamed.

Kite and Dark ran in, but once they did Omega was waiting.

“You will be destroyed!” he said,

Kite and dark tried fighting off Omega but he is too strong they are taken out and soon wiles came in.

“Weak boys drew here by the anger in your hearts, humans are so weak, and over something as meaningless as a wife.

He giggled.

But kite jumped up” you are going to die!!” he screamed grabbing darks sword.

“I’m putting all the power I have left into this!!” he screamed making the bladder grow bigger and bigger, he jumped at the man who talked bad about his wife, but omega stepped in the way.

“Fine you want some take this!!” kite screamed running the sword thru him, sacret seal!!” he screamed.

The monster fell to its knees and turned coal black.

“What did you do to my monster!!”.

“I used all the power I h ad left to seal it away it can no longer hurt anyone” he said well running out of breath.

“You put all your life force in to that didn’t you!” he giggled.

“I don’t care I did what I need to with him sealed every one you controlled will be freed again”

“But now you die!”

Kite fell to his knees and then on to the ground.

“No kite!!” dark screamed.

“I still need you out of the way” he said taking darks body sealed him in diff room for research.

Soon X and Zero took the seal Omega and wiles was sent into space as well as Omega forever

X then seal the dark elf that wiles had put a curse on the mother elf and he was spilt into 4 cyber elf’s.

Ch1 reawakening
? “Hey I found something a pod and there a reploid in it” the voice said

?? “Should we destroy it” another voice said

??? “No open it he look kind of cute with that black armor he-he” acute voice giggled.

???? “Do you always have to act like that Fairy Leviathan” a man voice said.

“Hey at least I am trying unlike you three” Leviathan giggled.

? “Fine” they said opening the pod.

“ahh where am I all I remember is Omega and nothing?’ dark said

The four reploid pointed there weapons at dark

“Huh wait wait don’t hurt me I’m a maverick hunter” he cried holding his hands up

? “Who are you tell me or I’ll scarp you right now” a voice shouted.

“My name is darkbitcold stone” he answered

?? “He just a reploid scarp the maverick” the boy said with an annoyed tone.

???? “Ok” the other boy sighed.

“Wait wait I’m human I’m human check my bio sign if you can” dark blunted out.
“Ok then” Leviathan said, hidden phantom scan his body see if he telling the true

“Fine he scan dark body and he can see he has some bio sign he telling the true he is part human” Phantom said

? “How can that be?” the man asked

?? “Yeah?”.

“Look I don’t know what happen but maybe X or Zero can help me sort this mess out” dark asked

“You know Master X?” Leviathan asked

“Well the master part he never used before, wait what year is this?” dark asked

?”You will come with us then and we will see what master X think of you” one said with a giggle

“Come with us darkbitcold stone” he said with evil in his tone.

“Just call me dark” he said with a cold tone.

The 4 reploids from a square around dark so he can’t pull anything on them

“What is this place?’ he asked.

“Shut up and move dark” Phantom ordered.

“Ok ok I’m walking” dark said.

“This is Neo Arcadia master X build this place for all human to be safe from reploids” Leviathan answered Dark.

“see lot of people” and giving him a dirty look” where are the reploid here” dark asked.

????? “Why are they letting a reploid walk here only The Four Guardians and master X are the only reploid to walk here” the human said out loud explained.

“What Four Guardians must mean them” he said and looking at them more closely dark looking behide him I still have my saber if I need to and my armor.

“This is the room where master X lays only one of us may go” he said.

?? “It will be me” he asked

“No Fefnir you know X trust me the most so I should go in with this reploid” he said.

“Fine Harpuia I don’t want to see X anyway” Fefnir whined.

“Move dark” Harpuia said pushing him.

“stop shoving ok I’m moving!” he shouted.

Harpuia and Dark enter the room and Dark saw X.

“X is that you but”. But before dark could finish Harpuia put one of his energy blades to dark neck.” You will respect and call him master X” Harpuia ordered.

“Yeah ok sorry” dark said

“Not heard X ever use master before” he said

“Harpuia stand down”, let the reploid speak.

“My name is dark I am a half reploid half human, X, master X what has happen where are the reploids where is Zero Kite and the other maverick hunter what time is this?” dark asked in fear.

“I see I have look into the data from your past you were human once but when your house fallen apart on top and you were force to become a reploid you fought along side me and zero against sigma u were a great warrior now the question is, are you still” he said.

“You don’t think I can fight still X” dark questioned.

“let us test you then your opponent will be Harpuia if you can last against him then I will know you still have some fighting spirit dark” master X said.

Dark let out a loud sigh” fine then but this will won’t be a fair fight” dark said

“What you don’t think you can win” Harpuia giggled.

“Oh no it’s not fair for you” DARK shouted shooting his buster at him!

Harpuia send a energy blade and cut the buster shot but it cut in half and hit him in the arms ah my armor what happened

“my dark buster can cut through armor” he rushing harpuia with my dark saber and try to cut harpuia arm but he block with his twin energy daggers stand down before I turn you to scarp metal

“I am a guardian I won’t quit or fall before you”!!! Harpuia shouted.

“Have it your way” he sighed dark shot harpuia with his dark buster and he fell hard his armor shattering it to the point that it was almost destroyed

He screamed in pain after the hit he had just taken” I can’t move, damn you what are you waiting for finish me!!” he shouted

But he unequipped his buster and put his dark saber back, “I did not want to kill you I only want in to show my skills are still up to par if you are this weak I have no problem dealing with the others” dark said with a cold tone.

“Is that a battle you wish to fight then Dark?” master X asked.

“Fine by me I want to test my self and don’t make it one on one I fight them all at once” dark said with a cocky smile.

“Very well but they will not be easy though” he warned.

He had called them in and All 3 of them appear “what is it master X?” they asked.

“I wish for you to test your skills against this reploid dark as you can see he took care of harpuia with no effort at all” he ordered.

“What there no way I want him first then” Fefnir cried.

“I wish to fight him first master X please” Phantom asked

“No way I want first crack at him!!” Leviathan shouted.

“Enough!!, you all will fight him at once” master X said.

All 3 guardians circle dark

“this is going to be too easy” he giggled, he fired his buster shooting at phantom but he block it with his shuriken shield and bounce it back at dark who duck under it while Fefnir fire at him with his fire buster while leviathan sends ice dragons his way.

“Ahhh man I bit off more then I could chew!!!!!!” dark cried. He Jumped out of the way of the blast “darn it” dark cried.

Phantom send some shadow clones at dark while Fefnir run at him with his fist charge with lighting while leviathan start forming ice spike balls above so dark can’t jump and then they hit dark phantom slicing dark and Fefnir landing a blow with his lighting fist sending dark airborne in the ice spikes

Dark was knocked down on to face trying to get up but couldn’t find the strength.

“This guy beat harpuia alone ha he must have been having an off day” Leviathan said

Phantom spat in his face” as well this one is weak there no way he beat us” he giggled

“Too bad though I kind of liked him” Leviathan giggled.

“I am not done yet” dark shouted getting back on to his feet, but his body was still beaten and ripped up.

“I guess I can’t hold back time to step my game up now!!, AHHHHHHHHHH ZERO NIGHTMARE ARMOR!!!’ he screamed.

Fefnir phantom leviathan all jumped away.

“What, what armor is that armor!” Fefnir cried.

Dark rush phantom and cut his arm off and kick him aside.

“No phantom you’ll pay for that!” Fefnir shouted. Throwing lighting fist at dark but he vanish in thin air “what the where he” he said looking around.

But was to late when dark

Dark ran his chidori past Fefnir leaving a hole in him. “You call that lighting I have the true lighting move chidori” he giggled showing him that it was still sparking in his hand.

dark looked at leviathan who was scared stiff just looking at dark armor as dark walk closer to her you going to make a move or stand there scary stiff of me dark eyes glowed red raising his nightmare buster. do you have nightmare, I am one fire his buster at leviathan and she get on the ground holding her hands on her head trying to block it but all that come out is smoke

“Your lucky your cute if this hit you at point blank range you be nothing but scarp metal” he said and turned to walk away, he walked towards master X “I have beat them only using my weakest armor” dark. Said rubbing salt in there already deep wounds.

“What th-that his weakest armor what other surprise doe this reploid have” said with fear.

“So do you doubt me still X?” dark asked.

“no I see your fighting skill never dulled how about you join us and you become the fifth member of the guardians and become leader you defend them like this we are sure no maverick will ever attack us when they hear of you dark” Master X said well laughing evilly.

“I accept your offer” dark said.

“Then you are a member and leader of the guardians then Master darkbitcold” Master X said.

“Just call me dark I have no need for the master title” he said.

Master X smiled” fine dark we will have a room set up for you”.

“thanks master X (he looking at Master X eyes this is not the X I know his eyes they are not the same this X eyes are sharper and unforgiving while the X I knew his eyes were nice gentle and caring this is not the X I know) “where can I get a tour of Neo Arcadia ”dark asked

“Human will not give you a tour dark they need to see what you are and protect the peoples here but leviathan can give you the tour.” Master X said.

“What!!, but-but I” Leviathan stuttered.

Dark let out a loud sigh” I wont harm you leviathan I only want to show my battle skills to X and well I see I over did it with the armor anyway like I said your cute”.

Leviathan cheeks turned bright red.

Dark started giggling” I made you blush”

Master X sighed” leviathan I think it be wise to give your leader a tour”.

Leviathan nodded” should I call in the med to repair phantom Fefnir and harpuia” she asked.

“Yes leviathan” master X said.

Leviathan rushed to get the medical unit.

“Master X what happen to zero and kite you never told me” dark asked.

“Zero I don’t know him he is not in my databanks. kite I have researched and found nothing dark” master X said.

“(this cant be Zero was his best friend no way he forget him)” how did your guardians find me X” dark asked.

“I do not know they must have been scouting and happen to find you” he answered.

“Fine then” dark said

As leviathan return with the medical unit they are taking Fefnir phantom and harpuia to the repair ER room “I hope they will be fine the doc said they will need days to repair what dark did to them harpuia is the least damaged”.

Dark put his hand on leviathan shoulder they will be fine I did not hit them in viral area, sorry I did that but when you hit me with those moves well that did it for me” dark giggled.

Leviathan giggled to” well we attack you, you only defend your self and you overpowered all of us but let me take you on that tour now,” Leviathan said.

“It be lovely leviathan” dark said.


Ch2 the under water scouting mission
Dark has been leader for a few days and the guardians still don’t like it that a reploid like dark is leading them, well all but one.

“ok guardians it look like maverick are trying to set up a strike team here in area 6-A and area 10-B it seem they want to disable the power unit to Neo Arcadia, phantom I want you to head to area 6-A it’s dark right now and your stealth will help when taking the mavericks out with out them knowing you were ever there, and let see 10-B is the desert well I did not know that how it being power over there” dark explained his orders to his team.

“We hook a power unit underground where are underwater prison is dark” said harpuia

“Ok then well I’ll send harpuia for air support and you Fefnir for ground control that way they cant get around you guy, I be sending Pantheons solders to back you guys up” said dark

“What about me dark” leviathan said

“I need you to help me scout underwater leviathan I may find some data about the maverick war I found you don’t have much data about this” dark said.

“Oh well ok then dark he-he” leviathan giggled

Phantom is at 6-A power unit and taking maverick after maverick out with out anyone ever knowing he was there,

And in 10-B harpuia took mavericks out from the air while Fefnir was turning mavericks into scarp metal and melting them down with his fire buster.

Hours later “made it at last man this the fastest this ship go’s I could have got here faster if I has my old ride chaser” dark whined

“Oh shut up dark this is build for battle not for speed so quit your whining dark” leviathan yelled.

“Well anyway we are here watch out for anything I need to get geared up leviathan” dark said.

“Fine commander” she said annoyed

20 min later “took you long and where your armor and why do you have a wet suit oxy tank and mask” leviathan asked.

“It so I can breathe I’m still human and that armor will make me sink fast, that why I need you to come and scout with me I will be weaponless and open to any attack say a maverick is under there” dark explained to leviathan.

“you got to be kidding me I mean they made you a reploid and they would not give you anyway to breath under water, who ever did it was not thinking about it well, when do we leave commander” leviathan said with a bit of a cough to it

“Don’t call me commander I’m no better then you leviathan other then I can beat you ok, now then let dive” dark said as he jumped into the water.

“Hey wait for me” leviathan said as she dive in as well

Dark and leviathan are deep underwater searching for the underwater maverick hunter base “dark where is this base I don’t see it here” dark made hand signs since he can’t talk under water

Dark and leviathan searched for hours and no luck finding it “dark we been searching for ever are you sure it here I mean what if it was destroyed I mean what if your Intel is wrong” leviathan said.

Dark pointing down and start swimming deeper down “wait for me dark” as they swam down deeper the base was in view and look like it gone though a few battle but look like it still works dark and leviathan enter though the front door, when the doors were closed the water began to drain out dark took off his mask and dump is oxygen tank “darn that is a lot better with that off my back, ok leviathan let search this place out stay close” as dark drew a small laser gun out holding it to his shoulder pecking out the corner “ok it clear let move.

As dark and leviathan search the base they found dead reploid bodies all over the base “I don’t like this it look like this has been done not too long ago” dark said looking at the blood “it fresh this is not good some one else is in here” dark said

“But who could be here I mean there no way anyone could be living here I mean it underwater dark” leviathan said with fear in her voice

“I know but this base is still working I mean there light working the doors open, some one here been keeping this place going I hate to run into it but the data is important here and should be here some where” dark and leviathan kept searching keeping there guard up hoping what ever here it doe not know they are here “dark here a computer room maybe you can find out what going on here and what is here maybe” leviathan said

“ok then let take a look” dark turning the computer on and searching through all the data “here the data on the maverick war” dark put a disc in and start to download it while searching through the other data “noting much other then about the maverick war and what this” dark find a file about a reploid that was under work by the maverick hunter “what is this”

“What wrong dark that got you so spook out like that” leviathan scary seeing dark like this

“we have to get out of here now what ever here been taking reploid and draining there energy to keep it self alive here lets move” as dark grab the disc dark and leviathan race to get out of the base fast dark grab his oxygen tank and put it on and open the dark “we should be good now that we are out of here” as the door open up dark and leviathan swim out and start heading for the surface “home free dark and we did not have to get are hands dirty that what I call a perfect mission” leviathan said happily

But as soon as they were about to make it dark was being pull down, dark yelled out letting air bubbles out dark saw what was be hide him and it was giant Mechaniloid like octopus and has one of it arms wrap around dark’s legs dark pull his laser gun out but the Mechaniloid just knock it out of dark hand and squeezed dark and the oxygen tank breaking it “(damn it if I don’t think of something I am going to die here losing air)”

“Hold on dark” leviathan cut the arm off the Mechaniloid and blast it down to the ocean floor “dark where are you dark” leviathan look and she cant find dark “DARK!!!!!!!” she see dark then trying to swim up but then dark hold his mouth looking like he ran out of air and dark blacked out and start sinking now “DARK HOLD ON” she garb dark and swim up with him to the surface then leviathan jump onto the ship with dark

and lay him down “DARK WAKE UP DARK” leviathan put her head against dark heart and she cant hear dark heartbeat “no dark” she look around and see no sign of that Mechaniloid so she began to give dark mouth to mouth trying to revive dark “come on dark wake up you can’t die here you can’t” she keep pushing on dark chest and forcing air into dark.

Cough cough cough” coughing water out his mouth “what happen le-leviathan”

“DARK YOUR OK” leviathan grab dark into a hug “don’t do that to me again, u, u scary me I though you died dark”. Leviathan cried

“I’m sorry I did not mean to leviathan, look like I own you one” dark said weaken

“let get out of here before that Mechaniloid come for us look like all the guardians need to come and scrap that Mechaniloid” leviathan said as she and dark are walking back to the captain seat and get back to Neo Arcadia “oh let get out AHHHHHHHHH!!!!” leviathan was taken into the water by the Mechaniloid arm “LEVIATHAN NO” the Mechaniloid took leviathan under water and the Pantheons soldiers are firing at it “hold your fire leviathan down there” but the Pantheons soldiers did not stop firing “pieces of junks” dark cut the Pantheons soldiers in half then the Mechaniloid raise is arm out of the water with leviathan in it grip “HELP ME HELP ME” leviathan cried

“Hold on ahhh FROSTBITE ARMOR freeze buster” dark freeze the water where the Mechaniloid arm is then dark race to it and try to free leviathan “come on cut me free dark”

“I cant this armor doe not come with a sword ahhh freeze buster” freezing the Mechaniloid arm “ahhh heavy punch” dark break the Mechaniloid arm and free leviathan and he freezes the Mechaniloid in place and freeze the water to the ship holding leviathan “hold on your going to be fine” dark jump on the ship and get the engine start is and got out of there he look back at leviathan blacked out “darn Mechaniloid, lucky we got out of there alive” dark holding the disc “maybe this will tell me what happen this past years” dark get back to Neo Arcadia and dark carry leviathan to the repair room” hold on leviathan you’re get fixed up”

“what happen to her” Fefnir said getting in dark way “ what happen on the mission dark” harpuia said “explained your self dark now” phantom demanded “GET OUT OF MY WAY NOW BEFORE I TURN YOU ALL INTO SCRAP METAL” dark forcing his way through to the repair ER room “ hey leviathan need some repair she took some damage” dark putting her on a bed and the repair people are going to work on

leviathan dark head out where the guardians are waiting for him “come with me and i tell you all what happen” dark told the guardian what has happen in the command room “and that basically what happen.

Well then what do we do about that Mechaniloid then dark” harpuia asked “only one thing to do send a missile at that area and blow it up so it can’t claim anymore reploids or maybe humans as well, harpuia go tell Master X to have his permission to fire a missile in that area” dark asked of harpuia “understood dark I will inform Master X about this” harpuia left to talk to Master X “phantom I want you to take this to the research team and try and get the data of the maverick war from this” dark told phantom “understood dark” phantom said as he leave with the data disc.

A few hours has past and harpuia return telling dark all is go for the missile to launch into the area dark go into the missile solo and ready the missile for launch “ok all is green say good bye you Mechaniloid” dark launches the missile and it hit the ocean floor destroying the building and with the Mechaniloid and it lays in piece now at the ocean bottom now dark leave the missile solo and check on leviathan “how is she doc” dark asked? “she going to be fine but she not going to be moving for a while with the damage she took from that Mechaniloid” the doc said to dark “can she see visitors doc” dark ask the man? “yes she can have visitors” thank you doc” as dark walk to leviathan room he thinks “now that I think about it the maverick hunter are the one who build that Mechaniloid so why I mean when X and Zero were in charge so they never would have allowed that ever unless it was behide closed doors but still who, that the question of the day it look like it was old too maybe the data should tell me about it soon still I hope leviathan not mad at me maybe she wont remember my second armor I have he-he” dark knock on leviathan room “come in” she said dark open the door and see leviathan sitting up in her bed “hi dark came to check up on me, like the weak girl I am” leviathan said with a sad tone “you are not weak you are a strong woman if not for you I would not be here if you did not revive me” dark sitting next to her “you are something else as well you remind me of someone that I knew once leviathan” dark said with a sad tone behide it “who dark” leviathan asked “some one I loved that died in my arms” tears were forming in dark eyes “dark i-I think I’m” leviathan pull dark in and they both kissed (“I think you are someone I can trust dark with my feeling unlike my brothers”) leviathan thought.

Dark pull away for a second “leviathan I think I have feeling for you as well I see you in a way like my love like I could love again but I don’t know leviathan I don’t know could I” dark said “dark just don’t say anything” leviathan kiss dark again and dark spend the night with leviathan.


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/is TL;DR'ing this otherwise.

sorry. ^^;
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update ch2 is up if this is getting to big what i do is post a chapter per thread so it easier to read or i post a link to my deviantart page anyway enjoy i got a lot better thank to light showing me lol
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Megaman Zero darkbitcold saga
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