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PostSubject: zeldalinkedgreen   Sat Apr 16, 2011 7:29 am

ok i have not seen any new topic for a while so i am making a new one lol anyway this is a site i normally go to is zeldalinkedgreen great site and keep geting better he has 3 zelda 2 he completed and one still going the 2 that are done so u can see them. one is called Hero return basically it where link return after def majoras mask and ganon has taking hyrule over again with out the hero of time there dark link return and try to kill link again but as time go by darklink seem to not want to kill link anymore and soon break free of ganon and link find out he has a brother Shocked yeah i freak when i found out too link learn more about the master sword and a hidden power but that all i am going to tell.

the next one is call Eclipso it is after Hero return and well i cant go far or i spoil a lot of hero return but basically link have to fight but since he older he starting to lose his edge Zelda is kidnapper by Eclipso and well u have to watch after Hero return

and the last one the Seven Dark Sorcerers this is a ongoing story so it not complete and this is his best work so like is said i cant take much about this or i spoil it for both Hero return and Eclipso but this one link learn more about the master sword and get power up like hack and zant make a return if u play Zelda twilight princess you know who zant is he destroy hyrule caste and that all i am going to say u want to find out all 3 story watch them and find out lol!

spikerman also has other work he done beside zelda he work on only one ep of megaman zero it not long but hey u a fav u like it but other then that i am done here enjoy oh yeah one thing zelda and Eclipso there no voice over u have to read dark sorcerers there are voice overs
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PostSubject: Re: zeldalinkedgreen   Sat Apr 16, 2011 6:02 pm

this is all I have to say to this

(i'm not too big on fan-comics, since i've read too many already...a lot of times they stray from key points...or are too repetitive..if i want zelda i'll play the games Smile)

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